Established in 1976 with Headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, the UNIBRAND Group of Companies combines individual service and confidentiality with the advantages and professionalism of a large multi-national scale operation.

The Group is offering one-stop shop Corporate Services through:

  • Unibrand Corporate Services;
  • Unibrand Secretarial Services;
  • Unibrand Nominee Services;
  • Unibrand Directors Services;
  • Unibrand Accounting Services;
  • Unibrand Auditing Services;
  • Unibrand Trustees Services.

The UNIBRAND Group of Companies is a leader in the provision of tax-efficient international corporate services – frequently known as ‘offshore company and trust formation’. The foundation of the group stretches back over 30 years with a heritage of international clientele.

Company and trust formation is often required by various professional clients for services to their own lay clients. We know that your clients are waiting for a fast, efficient and knowledgeable response, so we do our best to deliver that to you. We are a Company of the highest integrity, known for our speed of response and close personal service in creating both onshore and offshore companies and trusts.

We are known to many professionals, especially in Cyprus and Hellas. Whether you are a company or an individual practitioner, we endeavour to offer you a first-class service in developing an offshore company or an offshore trust. We are internationally-based with our main offices in Nicosia – Cyprus.

Through our law department, UNIBRAND provides legal services to our clients who seek consultation and assistance in a wide spectrum of issues relating to the company laws of Cyprus, Hellas and other jurisdictions. Our legal consultants have the experience and the expertise to provide services of the highest quality covering a wide range of legal issues. To name but a few we advice and support our clients in such areas as domiciliation of companies from and into Cyprus, company formation and preparation of relevant documents and maintenance of statutory accounts and all other company  activities.

This site provides the information you need for a simple onshore or offshore company, formation of a tax-efficient onshore or offshore trust, or to establish and run sophisticated tax-saving, inheritance or asset protection structures. When you have had an opportunity to look at the material that interests you, please come back to us for a confidential discussion.